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I'm so proud to share some of the lovely reviews that I have received so far.

Jade Rankine,
Senior Midwife

Pregnancy may be one of the most unique and exciting periods of time in your life. As you enter into this new chapter, there are some things that can make navigating through pregnancy much easier. Marie’s brand new series offers so much insight into everything related to pregnancy and birth! From morning sickness right up until birth. There are detailed videos explaining the different stages of pregnancy and how to equip you and your birthing partner with techniques to enable you to handle certain situations without feeling overwhelmed. Whether you're a first time mum or if this is your fifth pregnancy, you will feel prepared and in control of your birthing journey.

Polly Shepard

The Birth Series has been so incredible - being pregnant in a pandemic has meant the 'normal' channels for antenatal classes look very different and we decided to look outside of the box. I couldn't be happier with the decision we made - we've learned so much and are both feeling so much calmer, more excited, and more prepared than we ever expected having taken our time and been able to work through the videos at our own pace.

Marie is brilliant and we immediately wanted her to be our midwife!! She's calm, passionate, and clearly loves what she does - those are some lucky babies and mamas that she supports and I'm so happy she's sharing her knowledge and we've got to learn from her! Couldn't recommend this course more :)

Fay Morgado

I just wanted to say I purchased your course back in July and found it so helpful in pregnancy, birth, and the first week after having my baby who is a week old today...I’m in awe of all midwives you guys are awesome...thanks again.

Hayley Miles

I highly recommend The Modern Midwife’s book and online antenatal course I recently had my second baby. My first was a traumatic birth and the book and course helped me overcome some of my PTSD and fears. Very powerful to learn new knowledge and it helped me make informed choices of how I wanted my second birth to go. So Thank you Marie x

Amy Foster

I’m doing your online antenatal course and I and my partner love it. It’s changed the way I think about labor so thank you.

Kirsty Francis

I purchased your birthing and postnatal bundle and it’s absolutely amazing. You have already helped me feel at ease and I have recommended it to a couple of friends who are pregnant. It helped me with a lot of anxiety and worries that I had and made me realise I don’t need to put too much pressure on myself.

Laura F

A few months ago I bought Marie’s course after following her on Instagram. I felt a bit lost when covid hit and I couldn’t attend any classes.

The course consists of videos of her experience being a midwife, each episode goes through what to expect during your pregnancy at different stages, and then she talks about Labour and birth. These videos have been a godsend to me, helping me make a birth plan and prepare myself and my partner for birth.

Marie is also going through pregnancy so her personal experience makes it a lot more comforting to know she knows how it feels.

I would highly recommend her course, you can listen to it at any time.

Oh my gosh, THIS is what we’ve been waiting for in terms of antenatal education! Full of incredible advice and information, delivered in a friendly and easy-to-understand format. It answers all those questions going around our heads but maybe too nervous or embarrassed to ask– from breathing to sex, to postnatal poo!

More importantly, a great focus on the holistic nature of pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period, including the important conversations around relationships and mental health, opens up those difficult topics without judgment or stigma. Thank you, Marie Louise, we will definitely be using this with our families and wholeheartedly recommend the series to any expectant parents.

Rosie Lowman,
Chief Executive Officer,
Cocoon Family Support,
Reg. Charity 1158994

Harri T

I just wanted to say how fantastic my husband and I think your digital series is. My husband isn't the biggest reader, I have your book and have been reading it but it can be difficult to read aloud together. My husband is currently working 12 hour days so we don't get much time together. He has started watching your digital series on his lunch break so we can both take in the information and discuss it in the evenings. It has been so accessible and so user-friendly. He has said it is really informative and much easier for him to digest the information. The videos are really reassuring to watch and it feels more like you're having a chat with a friend.

Andrea Brito Ali

I highly recommend The Modern Midwife book and postnatal course. The book is so informative and helped me feel very prepared for my labor and the 4th-trimester postnatal stage. I really enjoyed the postnatal course as well. Getting that information from a midwife was really great. Especially during this difficult Covid time and being new in the UK as I'm from Brazil.

Alisha Love

I've found this series so helpful. There's so much to learn and it can be overwhelming not knowing anything at all when you first become pregnant. This series is helping to break everything down for me and making me feel a lot calmer. It's especially helpful whilst being pregnant during this pandemic. Any mums to be who are n the same boat as me, I definitely recommend checking it out!

Beth Wilson

I have been following Marie on Instagram since I discovered her page earlier in my pregnancy. I have found her posts so positive and reassuring. I purchased her pregnancy birth and beyond book and online course as my antenatal classes were all cancelled and it really helped me to feel more knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth. Being a first-time mum it was very overwhelming to hear things were cancelled. Marie's course is informative and helped me to feel calmer and more in control. I cannot thank her enough for her advice and strongly recommended Marie's course. The fact Marie is expecting her own first baby at the moment too helps as she really does understand what we are going through. Thanks Marie xx

Rebecca P

Love this. Marie gives heaps of information without it being overwhelming and the content is comforting and empowering.

Labhaoise Kielt

Absolutely invaluable resource for mums to be. Marie Louise’s book and online courses are incredibly informative, engaging and she is so relatable. Antenatal classes were cancelled when I was pregnant due to covid and it may have been a blessing in disguise because Marie Louise’s course was my go-to resource for birth and beyond. Having the knowledge the book and courses equipped me with helped me immensely during pregnancy, birth, and after birth. Worth every penny!! I’ve told all my pregnant friends to buy them both.

Chrissy M

It is so helpful and makes me feel like I understand and can be in control. I'm starting to feel really excited rather than the nervous and anxious feeling I felt when lockdown began.

jade Rankine

This digital series offers women a positive and informative insight into pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

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