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The best of both bundle support you on your journey through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.

The antenatal series supports you to understand the role of a midwife and your antenatal care pathway, help you make a birth plan, fear dump and get ready to welcome your baby into the world. We hope you complete the course feeling calm, confident and in control.

A postnatal series of courses should primarily target new parents or expectant parents who are preparing for the arrival of their newborn and planning to navigate the postpartum period. The courses can be designed to cater to a diverse audience and should be inclusive, considering the different needs and backgrounds of parents
I’m a qualified adult educator, proud patron of MAMA Academy a charity dedicated to reducing stillbirth and an Ambassador for The Lullaby Trust, a charity supporting parents to understand safer sleep and reduce SID’s.
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What's included

20+ hours

Of expert content based on 12 years as a qualified midwife.


Ultimate breastfeeding advice - getting the latch right!


Designed for all levels, a simple but effective exercise routine, certified and safe for pre and post pregnancy.

25 Videos

Understand what happens to your body & why.

Fact sheets

Download our factsheets and prepare for a baby without the stress.

Mental Health

Support your mental health with perinatal psychologist Dr Rebecca Moore.


Prepare for all birth + visual birth plan and learn how to navigate going ‘overdue’.


Designed for all levels, a simple but effective pregnancy yoga routine, certified and safe for all trimesters.


Hypnobirthing section and audio guiding you through what to do if you think you might be going into Labour.

Course breakdown

Pregnancy Episodes

So much is changing and happening at this important time in your life. We look at what those changes entail and why they occur. This module will give you the confidence to know that what you’re experiencing is normal, how to ease symptoms and know when to seek help!
This lesson helps you ease into your new world and prepares you with the emotional changes you may experience and how to enjoy those first few hours with your baby. Such an important module (ideally) to be watched more than once ahead of birth!

Pregnancy is the most important time to look after your body to support the development of your healthy baby. This module prepares you on what you can do to look after yourself and keep you healthy post birth.

As with looking after yourself physically, it is as important to look after your mental health. Hormones increase significantly, rapidly these changes can feel daunting and unsettling. This module will provide you with tools to help you navigate this ever changing journey.
No one should fear birth. The female body is designed to give birth. Yet the process can feel very daunting, not knowing what to expect, seeing or hearing horror stories also increases fear. During this module we discuss in detail how to overcome fears and work towards a fear free birth – regardless of what happens during birth. You’re the boss and you call the shots.
Partners are often lost along the way during the pregnancy journey yet they experience huge shifts too, but the focus is typically on the pregnancy. Understanding one another is important alongside connecting together to foster a calmer pregnancy journey as you work together as a team.
If you are worried about what happens to your body during pregnancy and after birth this module helps to prepare you on what to expect and offers some top tips on how to care for your perineum after birth too.
Zoe Eggleton a womens health physio therapist joins us to chat through her top tips and address pains. Physiotherapy during pregnancy is crucial for promoting optimal musculoskeletal health, addressing discomfort, and enhancing overall well-being through tailored exercises and guidance.

Enjoy a gentle yoga session of Kundalini Yoga to help restore your natural rhythm. An excellent resource that you can use time and time again.

We understand that working out may not be at the top of the list of priorities when it comes to your pregnancy, however, keeping as active as possible does support a healthy pregnancy. This will strengthen you ready for labour but also help your mental wellbeing. There are various levels depending on how you’re feeling and what you feel able to do so have a watch and see what you can join with!

Birth Episodes

During this module we look at what happens if you go ‘overdue.’ After all, approximately 80% of first time mums go overdue! What you need to look out for and how is best to navigate this time. We know this can be especially anxiety provoking but after watching this module you should feel calmer.
This module is one of the most important! It holds your hand through the early stages in labour and guides you through what to expect. We often think about birth as the ‘pushing’ part, in fact you spend the majority of your time in labour in the early phase.
As labour progresses you’re obviously less able to process information so this module prepares you with what to expect and what may or may not happen during birth. Alongside a run through of the physiology and how you can work with it!
Leading consultant obstetrician Florence Wilcox joins us to chat through the different types of assisted birth. Even the most well planned unassisted births sometimes require intervention. This lesson teaches you what to expect, why certain things are needed, and how to remain in control during all kinds of birth. Remember you,re the birth boss!
Leading consultant obstetrician Florence Wilcox joins us to chat through what to expect from caesarean section , whether it is planned or is required during your labour.
Helpful hypnobirthing techniques to practise throughout your pregnancy, and guide you into early and active labour. This is a light and lovely module.
How to utilise hypnobirthing breathing during the pushing phase and why you might ‘moo’ or poo! All good, all normal!
Birth episodes - The Modern Midwife
The Postnatal Series 2
A crucial time for a new mum is the first 24 hours. This is why this module has two sessions. Watching these modules before you give birth will provide you with the knowledge you need ahead of time.

This lesson helps you ease into your new world and prepares you with the emotional changes you may experience and how to enjoy those first few hours with your baby. Such an important module (ideally) to be watched more than once ahead of birth!

We all recover at different stages depending on what happened during pregnancy and birth. This module dives into the physical recovery explaining why it is important to take your recovery journey at your own speed. Whether it’s your first or second baby, our body heals and recovers in different ways and we can learn to listen to our bodies.

We can tend to focus on what we think we should be doing rather than learning the right way for us. Every single person is different and therefore with something like breastfeeding, it is really important to focus on what works for you and bab
How to tell when your baby is hungry and why not washing off vernix (birthday frosting) acts as a form of navigation for babies!
The early days of having a newborn are a whirlwind, day turns into night and vice versa. Although there is no formal sleep training happening yet, we can still implement some light structures and support to allow for some well needed rest bite.
Fleur a senior midwife specialising in perineal health joins us to chat through some of her top tips! Focusing on perineal health is essential for preventing issues like pelvic floor dysfunction and ensuring overall well-being, particularly during and after childbirth.
Watch an inspiring video from mums to finish your course and remember you are the best mother for your baby. You got this!

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