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Your Health Visitor

What's their role?

My name is Emma and I am a health visitor in South Yorkshire. I've supported hundreds of families to develop confidence as parents, answered their questions and sometimes even been a supportive shoulder to cry on.

I thought it would be helpful to explain a bit about us and the transition from midwifery to health visiting.

A health visitor is nurses and/or midwives who has done further post graduate training in public health. We complete antenatal visits, new birth visits (between 10-14 days), 9-12 month development reviews and 2-2.5 year reviews. As public health nurses, our aim is to reduce health inequalities and ill health. We also are there to make sure families and children are safe and can support parents if there is domestic abuse, drug and alcohol issues, or parents are struggling to cope, such as with poverty and mental health, and the day-to-day challenges of parenting.

Heath Visitors are here to support you and your child until they start school (they are then under the school nursing team). We can offer more support for parents if you are struggling or are concerned regarding your child’s health, wellbeing or development. I feel passionately about supporting parents to have up to date evidence-based information, so they can make informed decisions.

It's Not Just Weighing Babies!

There are a wide variety of topics that we can support parents with. From parental mental health and adjusting to parenthood, to your child’s health and development. From getting them ready for school to potty training. We cover when to see a doctor, breast and bottle feeding, managing crying, reducing minor illness and accidents, and healthy lifestyle and weight.

A health visitors will work very closely with midwives, GPs and children's centres. We meet regularly with our midwifery colleagues to make the transition to health visiting smooth and supportive for you.

For further information about health visiting, the Institute of Health Visiting has a website for parents and professionals.

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