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Why I Wrote The Modern Midwife’s Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Having a baby is one of the biggest life events. It feels as though there is so much you need to know, about pregnancy, birth...and beyond!  There are so many changes going on, and so much to plan for and consider. Knowing what’s right for you and your baby, planning your birth and becoming someone’s mum can be totally overwhelming. There are just so many questions!

As a midwife I hear them all. Some can be answered easily, but often I feel we don’t have enough time to explain everything in depth. Social media and blogs can be great, but one of the biggest problems for modern mums is not scarcity of information, but information overload! And it can be difficult to filter out what is useful from what is scaremongering or just plain 'fake news'. So, given the opportunity to write The Modern Midwife’s Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, I grabbed it with both hands.

I wanted to fill in the gaps, and answer all the questions on pregnant women’s minds. I will help you manage each stage of your transition into motherhood, so that you can make informed choices every step of the way. Everything in the book is based on the very latest research and evidence, and my years of midwifery experience. I've worked with hundreds of women, and their 'real mum' stories have been invaluable. Not only that, but I fell pregnant myself whilst editing. Perfect timing! It meant I was able to introduce my own experience, and provide the support that I had needed myself.

You'll understand what is happening in your body, be in control and feel confident, as I share with you the most important and amazing things I have learned during my time as a midwife and mum-to-be. Understanding what really goes on in pregnancy, birth and your early days as a new mum makes a big difference to how you feel about it. Knowledge is power, after all.

The Modern Midwife’s Guide peels back the layers to help you easily navigate pregnancy, birth and your postnatal period.

The Modern Midwife’s Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

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