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What you need to know about nappies and nappy changes

Changing a newborns nappy can be daunting as they still have their cord attached for up to 10 days. So what do you do with it? Is it okay to handle it? In or out of the nappy? Here’s what you need to know…

It’s fine to touch it and it won’t hurt to move it because there aren’t any nerve cells in the cord but you should make sure you’ve got clean hands before touching it as there’s a risk you can introduce infection. It’s best to leave the cord out of the nappy to allow it to dry out and fall off. If you leave it inside the nappy it may get wee and or poo on it, which ill delay drying out or worse introduce infection.

Top tip- Roll up the dirty nappy under your baby, clean your baby, pick him/her up, open up the clean nappy out first then lay him/her on the nappy rather than try to slide the nappy under the baby.

What nappies are best?

The thing about nappies is that they are directly on your babies skin for the best part of 24 hours a day 7 days a week so it’s important to ensure that you are using safer, kinder nappies. Not only that, research shows that nappy rash is the most common dermatological condition among infants and treatment now emphasises prevention rather than cure.

Each child that is born uses around 8,000 nappies in their lifetime and sadly many go to landfill. Consider washable or biodegradable nappies because they contain less chemicals and are thought to be more environmentally friendly.

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