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The Hegenberger


The Hegenberger Speculum enables a better overview of tears, better working conditions for clinicians and a better patient experience.

As we know, up to 9 in 10 primigravida's having a vaginal birth will have some sort of tear, graze or episiotomy. Suturing is common practice yet we have never had a tool specifically designed to support us gain better visibility and enable us to use both hands simultaneously. Malene Hegenberger decided to change that and is the first midwife since the 1800's to invent an obstetric device.

The story behind the Hegenberger Speculum

"With a background as both a nurse and midwife, I have more than 20 years' experience as a clinician in labor wards in the United States, Denmark and other countries. Through the years, I have seen various suturing methods, but common to all is that the procedure from diagnosis to suturing is often an unnecessarily protracted and painful experience for the patient.

Over my years as a clinician, I have repeatedly wondered if there was an instrument that can hold the vagina open throughout, as this would provide a better opportunity for diagnosing, reducing pain for the patient and significantly shortening the entire procedure.

In 2015, my curiosity finally drove me to develop an instrument that could do exactly that. After a few years developing the design and testing prototypes, the Hegenberger Speculum was finally ready for sale in 2019."

For more information about bringing the Hegenberger Speculum to your unit please contact me on:

 How to use the Hegenberger Speculum

If you would like to join Founder Malene's training where she introduces the speculum and how it works please sign up here.


Winner of the Danish Design Awards

“The impact of the solution touches both the health and social dimensions for the mother, and enables the medical staff to do better work. Given how many operations are performed, this is an important solution that could have a high level of positive impact.”


For more information about bringing the Hegenberger Speculum to your unit please contact me on:

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