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Launch of Modern Midwives Meet Up

On Tuesday 19th of February,  The Modern Midwives Meet Up launched at The Book Club in Shoreditch.

The Meet Up hit venue capacity! 85 midwives turned up and there was such a warm, friendly, yet exciting atmosphere from the beginning.


Safety in numbers girls, this really is a sisterhood
- Lou Pouget


The highlights

Moderated Session ‘Hospital politics and how to cope’ - This topic was chosen at random from a number of suggestions submitted before the evening.

HOM at UCLH, Natilla Henry captivated the whole room within seconds of taking to the stage to discuss this topic. Many midwives got the opportunity to share their advice but also ask more questions about the issues we really face as midwives.

It’s refreshing when midwives come and knock at my door suggesting a change, ask for change when you think it’s needed
- Natilla Henry

Of course, funding and finances are at the top of most organisation's agenda but it is clear that those on the front line are more concerned about the internal politics and how we can really support and inspire each other to be the best midwives we can be. After all, there is a reason flight attendants tell parents to put their own oxygen mask on first…


Modern midwifery is all about thinking outside the box - we all have so much to learn from each other
Marie Louise

Sheena Byrom, Lou Pouget and Natilla Henry all took it in turns to organically answer questions as they arose.

We must be positive about our work and challenge the culture of negativity
- Sheena Byrom

This session could have gone on for many hours and I felt we really got to the core of some issues and created solutions together as a group of midwives wanting the best for our women.

Tania, the founder of Elvie, also impressed us all with her determination and innovation to really bring women’s technology out of the dark ages. Her drive to create an easier life for postnatal women really shines when she’s talk about implementing this. She also answered the question about their products affordability…we’re keeping a close eye to see what’s next as she hinted at new, more affordable product because accessibility is really important to her.

I think it’s vital to rotate so we can all see what one another has to actually do, it’s easy to fall into thinking that when you’re on the labour ward your job is more important but when you go to other wards you soon learn that it’s not
A modern midwife attending


Feedback from Modern Midwives

The evening received some incredible feedback and the photobooth captured the night. It was in constant use and as you can see the girls had a lot of fun with it!

"Well I didn’t expect this, I feel like I’m at a party with friends I didn’t know I had, it’s been amazing. When’s the next one!?"


"I came on my own from Somerset and was pretty nervous but everyone has been so welcoming, I just walked up to people and they quickly made sure I was welcomed into the conversation, I’ve had such a lovely time"

"I think the balance was just perfect with the speakers, break and entertainment. I get so board at conferences, this has actually been fun and I’ve learnt so much!"



"I’ve made some really good friends here tonight"



"What a bargain, I can’t believe I got two drinks, delish food, met so many people AND had the opportunity to listen to such inspiring speakers!"


Modern Midwives Meet Up’s brings professionals together to talk about the real issues we face, to meet midwives from around the country, make friends and just have fun. We have such an important role in society and the discussions we have at these Meet Up’s can lead to policy changes and influence our practise and therefore families lives. It’s a tough job but when you have a community of professionals to lean on you can draw upon their experiences, strengths and seek courage from one another.

Next Meet Up…coming soon

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