S K I N • to skin helps cortisol levels to settle. Right after birth your baby’s body goes from protection and release of stress hormones to growth and healing during skin to skin. It’s good to talk to your baby and take your time in skin to skin because they have been through a challenging time.

In skin to skin most babies will begin to head to the breast and it’s during this journey that the critical sensory needs of the brain are turned on. Their brain waves 6-10x slower so the breast crawl can be painfully slow but try to drop into your baby’s world and allow this time if you can.

If you can’t then make sure you do as soon as you can. It’s part of a healing process for your both. It’s also important to them to get to slowly take in their surroundings, move their body but still hear your heart beat and smell your familiar scent.

Photo by @dentonbirthphotography

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