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Robyn's Birth Story

From as young as I can remember, I always wanted children. All I ever dreamed of was to become a mummy. Having been involved in a serious car accident 11 years ago, which changed my body in ways I never knew possible, I did wonder if I would be able to have children.My husband (Robert) and I decided to start trying for a baby. We tried for 18 months before starting our ‘IVF journey’.

I had fears from my accident and the stress my body had been under so had tests from the doctors quite early on. At first I was told I didn’t have PCOS but eventually after further testing it came back that I did. I hadn't had a period in 2 years, only induced periods through the ivf clinic. Rob was also tested and found that he also had a low sperm count so our odds of conceiving naturally were very slim.

Robyn's Birth story

We started IVF on 17th June 2017. This was our first and only free round on the NHS. Unfortunately this round was unsuccessful.

We took out a loan to pay for our second round on 28th August. I couldn’t believe how quick it all was but due to the reason we failed (it just didn’t work ) we were okay to go ahead with the second round, with minimal changes.

At the egg collection we received 9 eggs and 7 of these fertilised. We were a little disheartened as this result wasn’t even as good as last time.

However 3 embryos survived. We had one at the highest grading of 5AA and the other two were 4AB and 4BA (we have these now frozen). We used embryo glue this time round too!

I had worked out the day to match the day I bled from our previous cycle. I had in my head throughout that if I could get passed this day, we could be in with a fighting chance of being successful. At 3am that morning (Yes neither of us could sleep) we woke up, to our relief, to find no blood. Rob said, “We need to do a test!” He was so excited! And so hopeful! We were due to test on Sunday 29th September. We had always said we would test on 27th as that was my birthday.

However, I agreed and we got a BFP (Big Fat Positive!) It was the best pre-birthday present ever!!!! We tested every day 27th, 28th, and 29th just to make sure (he he) and then phoned the fertility clinic with our news. We were then booked in for our week 7 scan. If we made it that far…I cannot describe how nervous we both were. Every twinge, every ache, I felt it and we both worried. But we made it! We had done this! Every tear, the desperation, the heartache, the longing for a child, it was ALL worth the wait.

Our third positive pregnancy test

Luckily, there was a heartbeat and everything was fine. I measured exactly 7 weeks 2 days (IVF is so clever- if I haven’t mentioned this enough already!) It was amazing to see our little bean. We saw the spine, the head, the heartbeat and even the buds where the arms and legs would form. We saw the sac which was nourishing the baby at that time. Just gorgeous! And he/she actually looked like a real baby.

Robyn's Birth storyRobyn's Birth story

It was all very surreal...and then I was discharged from the fertility clinic and sent to my GP/midwife.

I had a fairly straight forward pregnancy. I won’t bore you to death with this. A few hiccups here and there but all okay. I was told throughout due to ivf I would be induced at 39 weeks however when 39 weeks came, they decided against this. So I went back at term and we pushed for an induction. We were booked in on our 3rd wedding anniversary (06.06.2018) we didn’t tell anyone!!!

We arrived at St.James hospital Leeds at 10am. After lots of checks I was told I would have a pessary and this would hopefully kick start things. I was told to lay flat for half an hour. I ended up sending Rob home as there was nothing much he could do. At 11am I went for a walk around the hospital (I climbed every tower of stairs in each wing of the hospital hoping to help things along) I then came back for lunch. I started feeling period like cramps. I met a friend who was also being induced at around 3pm for a hot chocolate. Baby Young seemed quiet but he usually didn’t come out to party until 7pm so I didn’t think much of it. By 4pm, Rob was back and I had to be back on the ward to go into the monitor. It was from here things went wrong....

Baby Young wasn’t moving.

People starting coming and going and we started to panic. His heart rate was dropping. I couldn’t see the screen but made sure Rob did! (However He didn’t tell me the numbers and was VERY good at keeping a positive poker face as things weren’t going well and I wasn’t to know!) I was made to drink LOTS of water and lay on my side to encourage baby to move. This was really uncomfortable and I was desperate for a wee but couldn’t due monitors!

The sister agreed that the pessary was not agreeing with baby Young and had to come out immediately. This was removed and then I was rushed through to the delivery suite. A lovely doctor, Roberta. (Yes me Robyn, my husband Rob and doctor Roberta -honestly you couldn’t write it haha!) asked me, “What do you know about a C-section?” I said, “That I’m not allowed to have one.” This again I was told due to the previous surgery I had had. She said:

“I’m really sorry darling but we have to do an emergency C-section I’m really not happy with baby’s movements.”

The team were fantastic! Each person had their own job and whilst it’s such a rushed, busy environment, everyone just knows exactly what to do. I was put at ease right away. My midwife told me, “His heart rate has come right up again now, he’s happy he knows he’s coming to meet us.” I laughed. Then suddenly her face changed and she started shouting numbers to the room. I knew this was heart rate. It was dropping. “130, 96, 87, 64, 50...” people tried to distract me but I couldn’t cope. I burst into tears and cried, “Please just get him out.” Rob never left my side.

Baby Young came into the world at 6.58pm by emergency c section weighing 6lbs 11oz on Wednesday 6th June 2018. The day life as we know it, changed forever. He is absolutely perfect. I’m so so grateful we had to wait a little longer for him, we would have waited a lifetime!

Robyn's Birth storyRobyn's Birth story

Please check out my blog for full details on our ivf journey. This blog is designed to support those going through ivf.

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