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Hear from happy parents

Emma Bunton - The Modern Midwife
Emma Bunton, Spice Girl, co-founder of Kit and Kin

“Marie Louise is a dream come true for any parent with her uncanny ability to simplify the most important and complicated questions”

Zoe Sugg - The Modern Midwife Reviews
Zoë Sugg - first time mum, Vlogger

“‘Marie is so informative and taught me so many things I had NO idea about!’

The Modern Midwife - Antenatal and Postnatal Courses
Kirsty Francis, first time mum

“‘I purchased your birthing and postnatal bundle and it’s absolutely amazing. You have already helped me feel at ease and I have recommended it to a couple of friends who are pregnant. It helped me with a lot of anxiety and worries that I had and made me realise I don’t need to put too much pressure on myself.'”

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