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Pauline's Birth Story

Pregnant with our 5th kid !

Paulines's Birth story

Our eldest is 10 and our youngest is 4. My husband was out of the country for work during my last month of pregnancy. So all month I tried to do as little as possible to prevent myself from going into labour while he was away. Thankfully, I had a lot of help from the kids, family and friends.

He came home which was the green light to get things going. We went for an awesome family hike the day before labour started.

The last two babies I had I gave birth at 39 weeks on the dot.

39 weeks on the dot I woke up and surely there were some early labour signs. Not much cramping yet though. I had to see my midwife to make sure my waters weren't broken (GBS+). They weren't yet, thankfully, so I went for one last swim of the summer.

By the evening I was having some cramping and that night I called my doula over but things slowed down and stopped. It was a restless night and my doula ended up sleeping over.

By 4am the contractions were strong enough and I knew this time they would likely not stop. By 8am my husband, doula and I made our way to the Birth Centre.

Paulines's Birth storyPaulines's Birth storyPaulines's Birth story

My midwife checked me and I was 4cm. She said "we have a few options, you might want to go home and come back later" to which I responded "this is real and I'm not going anywhere"

Within that hour we attempted to go for a walk to get coffee but I only made it half a block before I could barely walk from the intensity. I came back in tears (I think by that point my midwife was convinced it was active labour).

From there things moved pretty quick. I laboured on the birth ball in the shower, and then spent some time in the tub while using the nitrous oxide. It was the first time in 5 labours that I tried the NO2 and thought "why have I never tried this before?" - well the last two births were at home so it wouldn't have been an option.

At one point I remember crying and then it was silent for a second and I heard someone eating a bag of chips... I looked up and saw my husband sitting in front of me with the chips and I started laughing. He was a great sport and always offered comic relief.

I really thought I wanted to give birth in the tub but I didn't feel like I had enough control so decided to get out. We tried a few things for pushing but ended up using the birth stool which did the trick.

Active labour was 3 hours - my quickest labour yet.

We were home from the birth centre about 4 hours later and baby's siblings welcomed her and haven't stopped hugging her since.

Paulines's Birth storyPaulines's Birth storyPaulines's Birth story
Paulines's Birth storyPaulines's Birth story
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