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Antenatal & Hypnobirthing

What's included?

  • 17 Videos​

  • Guide through pregnancy

  • preparation for body changes

  • Pregnancy safe workouts

  • Pregnancy yoga

  • Birth plan guidance 

  • Unlimited access for 12 months

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Postnatal course

What's included?

  • 8 Videos​
  • Learn how to recover from birth
  • Ultimate breastfeeding advice – getting the latch right!
  • Support your mental health with perinatal psychologist Dr Rebecca Moore
  • Newborn sleep – support and understanding
  • Unlimited access 27/4 for 12 month

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Best of both

What's included?

  • 25 Videos​
  • Full guide through conception to 6 weeks after birth
  • Pregnancy safe workout & yoga
  • Fear dump and make a boss birth plan – no matter what!
  • Unlimited access for 12 months
  • Downloadable fact sheets
  • Hypnobirthing, Audios and guidance during early labour

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