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Keeley's Birth Story

I promised my lovely hypnobirthing midwives I’d share my birth experience and thought this would be a good place as I haven’t plucked up the courage to talk in front of a class yet! So here goes and hope this helps someone in some way.

Keeley's Birth story

This was my 2nd Pregnancy and I was seriously considering opting for a C-Section, as I was very nervous after a traumatic first birth which ended up with me in theatre, a hormone drip, an episiotomy and no pain relief until my son was almost born by forceps and ventouse.

My friend, who was due 10 days after me and had a similar first delivery, convinced me to be her partner at hypnobirthing classes ... so we signed up! It was the best thing I could have done!

Instead of a C-Section, I decided I was going to try and give birth in the Birth Centre at our great local hospital...

On 26th November, late evening and almost a week overdue, my contractions started and were coming every 5 minutes, so I called the Birth Centre and went in. Just for them to all stop completely! So I opted to go home and try and get some rest...
As soon as I got home and into bed they started again. They were now every 3 minutes so I went back to the Birth Centre and the lovely Midwife Jo, who I’d seen a few hours before was waiting for us. She had the nicest room in the Birth Centre all ready and waiting for us!

I managed each surge with my breathing techniques and the hanging Rebozo to hold onto, as well as my husband massaging me and him and Jo giving me every encouragement. I didn’t use the scripts as Jo and my Husband were encouraging enough and I just had the radio playing quietly in the background. I had no pain relief other then a little gas and air for the last hour to deliver her.

On the 27/11/17, 2 hours and 12 minutes after arriving back at the Centre, I delivered our beautiful baby girl in the Birthing pool.
Keeley's Birth story

Jo pulled her up out of the water, straight onto my chest, she came up eyes wide open, no tears, no screaming, just looking at her Mummy & Daddy, calm and beautiful!
20 minutes later I then delivered my placenta naturally too.

It really was the most magical experience and I could not of wished for a better experience!

After being certain that would be our last child I’m now not so sure! Lol!

Jo and my husband were so amazing and supportive, I couldn’t have asked for a better Birth experience.
Jo then helped me with breastfeeding and handed my care over as her shift was finished to 2 lovely Midwives, Gemma & Donna. I tore slightly, so they did my suturing and then helped me get showered and breastfeed again. They were also amazing, so positive and encouraging. That same day within a few hours I was back up on my feet and on my way home!

It really was an amazing experience that without hypnobirthing and my lovely husband and midwives I’m sure I wouldn’t of had! I couldn’t thank them enough! Or recommend hypnobirthing more highly!
Although my husband didn’t attend the classes as he was looking after our Son, he would ask me each week what I had learned and had also been looking into and watching videos online so he could help as much as possible to, and even he had a better experience this time round, feeling more involved!

If we do have anymore I will definitely do hypnobirthing again! The knowledge you gain, the techniques you learn as well as the belief in yourself that YOU CAN DO IT is amazing! First class!

Thanks for taking the time to read! And wishing you all an amazing labour and delivery! Enjoy every minute of meeting your new little person and remember you can do it! Whatever birth you want! xxx

Keeley's Birth storyKeeley's Birth storyKeeley's Birth story
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