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Katie's Birth Story

Katies's Birth story

Birth Number 1 – Archie

So happy to discover I was pregnant! The happiness of a new pregnancy lasted all of about 4 weeks.

Week 6 struck and I was terribly sick, no let up, being sick 30 times a day. After various Doctor's trips, different anti-emetics, it was clear it needed something a little stronger to make the sickness stop. I was admitted to Obs & Gyn for Hyperemesis, where I had IV anti-emetics and fluids, I had my first slice of toast and cup of tea in a week and it was glorious. That was the first of many trips, up until at least 20 weeks it was my Friday night stay over, and I was to look forward to it as I could finally eat after going back downhill as soon as I wasn’t receiving the iV anti sickness.

Fast forward a few more weeks and I am back in with severe stomach pains, I went in through A&E, admitted to maternity where I had Ultrasound scans to show I had gallstones.

Great, I was jaundiced, de-hydrated and pregnant. But still I kept smiling, this baby boy was my prize.

I had lots of blood tests done throughout my midwife checks, turns out my bile acids where incredibly high, I was diagnosed with Obstetric Cholestasis. I was monitored, and induced at 38 weeks. The induction itself was great. Although the pain was horrible, I had already had my fair share and the end of Hyperemesis, Obstetric cholestasis was in sight. I had an Epidural, which was fab when it took hold and even had an hours nap at 10cm dilated! Which gave me the energy to push him out in 15 minutes. I tore, pretty bad, but at that point I was numb, I didn’t care as I had my baby boy there, all 7lb 10 of him and perfect. We had a few feeding problems at the hospital and I didn’t feel like re received the help we so desperately needed as a first time mum, so he was put on a bottle straight away, turns out he has a tongue tie. If I could turn back time I wouldn’t change my labour.

We had a short stay in hospital, just to make sure my bloods returned to normal – and I went home and enjoyed my boy, and no sickness!! It had completely stopped once I had had him, amazing.

Shortly after birth it was discovered I had a Hereditary blood disorder and had my gallbladder removed.

Birth Number 2 – Dottie

Hello week 6 Hyperemesis, we meet again, by this point I knew the drill and I wasn’t taking no for an answer. I knew what cocktail of drugs worked for me, I did end up going into hospital for a few overnight stays to anti sickness and fluids.

It was more manageable this time round, I knew the signs, I knew when it was getting on top of me and got help sooner. Also I had a buddy from PSS text me during them really low and lonely times which helped as not everyone gets it and it can be a very low and lonely time, especially with a very hyper 2 year old in tow.

I was monitored closely for my bloods and was constantly anaemic, something I am used to and doesn’t faze me entirely.

I kept active during the pregnancy and really enjoyed belly dancing! Although belly dancing at 32 weeks got me into a little trouble when it brought on contractions and I was admitted with possible early labour and had injections for the babies lungs just in case. Turns out it all stopped and I was good to go, just to maybe not go belly dancing any more.

Here’s where the story that has scarred me for life begins - Labour

I went into labour at 40 weeks, after my lovely lovely midwife gave me a sweep. (She was amazing and took such good care of me) that night the contractions where getting more and more, baths and paracetamol weren’t letting up. I went into maternity and was admitted to the labour ward. I didn’t have a plan for labour, just go with the flow. I was getting contractions regularly and getting slightly stronger but I wasn’t dilating. The midwife popped my waters. I bounced and bounced and bounced through the night. I was still only 5cm and not moving or labouring as I should.

I was put on the hormone drip, something I didn’t particularly want to do as I knew the kind of contractions it brings. It also had me back to the bed. The drip went in and the hormone started, the contractions came thick and fast, they were painful. I can feel this as I am typing.

Katies Birth storyKaties Birth storyKaties Birth story

I had gas and air. They went from 50 to 100 in the space of 20 minutes. I wanted to push now my body needed to push, I never felt this with Archie, it was like a wave of something come over me and I just couldn’t stop it. But I was only 5cm. The midwife buzzed the Doctors, it was too late for an epidural, I was in so much pain goodness knows what was coming out of my mouth but I was a different person, completely. I blacked out I had that much gas and air and when I came round there where people looking in my face. My partner holding my hand scared. The midwife and Dr had heated words outside, he wanted to take me off for an emergency section, I tried to sign paperwork with an imaginary pen, I think I was hallucinating but going through those consent forms when you can barely breathe or see for pain is crazy. The midwife said no chance she’s having the baby here, now.

Katies's Birth story

The Doctor put his hand to examine me, I was still pushing, I gave it a hard push, and every expected mothers nightmare, it wasn’t a baby that I pushed out put it that way. There was no time, the midwife gave me and episiotomy after a quick injection, by that point I didn’t care I just wanted my baby out. I pushed like never before and out she flew. She was the wrong way around so face up (hence why she wasn’t moving down as she should) and had the cord wrapped round her neck. But she was out and crying.

A girl, my baby girl I had worked so hard for. She was worth it.

I was stitched up, My baby girl – Dottie, Latched, she latched!! For 45 minutes and it felt good and natural and like it should have been.

I went home in the next few days. I started to feel very weak. Feverish, emotional, sickness, shaking, temperature. I went back into maternity after 7 days. I was treated for Sepsis and put on IV antibiotics immediately. They had the results back. Turns out I had Group G strep, not that anyone had heard of it before. I was barrier nursed! I felt like a massive germ. But I was getting better, I had my baby girl with me and in that time we had to ourselves we managed to establish an fabulous connections and breast feeding journey. Every cloud. 5 days back in and I was allowed home to be with my family again.

Katies's Birth story
I long for another I really do, I would love to have a happy birth, I had nightmares for a long, long time after Dottie and I so want to heal that pain with a good experience.
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