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Eleanor's Birth Story

Eleanor's Birth story

I unfortunately had an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in me loosing my left Fallopian tube it wasn’t a planned  pregnancy unfortunately I ovulated while having the coil. We decided to try again as it was such a traumatic time and we were both desperate to have a baby I think being told that you’ve had to have a part of you removed and that you were pregnant is a very hard thing to come to terms with.

We decided to try again and fell pregnant very quickly. We had a 5 week scan which showed no heartbeat so we had to go back the following week I’d already come to terms in my head that it wasn’t meant to be. Come the following Monday there was a flickering heartbeat!

I was so relived but also anxious at the same time because I was only 6 weeks pregnant.

The next 6 weeks went by very slowly but finally we saw our very happy and active baby at 12 weeks my partner even high fived the sonogram man. We decided not to find out.

I suffer from bipolar and anxiety but I am stable through medication and healthy eating a decision was made for me to stay on Quitapine through out my pregnancy as the risks of the medication outweighed me being stable.

I suffered with very bad anxiety through out my pregnancy I have no idea why women have to tell you all the awful stories of how they nearly died during childbirth and how awful the sleepless nights are! I was having nightmares about not being well enough to look after my baby and not being able to cope with childbirth.

30th April. My due date came and went. 3 failed sweeps later and very bad sciatica and SPD I was induced with a pessary 12 days after my due date.

I was sent home to see if anything happens and me and my partner watched a movie in bed together I didn’t expect anything to really happen and went to sleep that night.

I woke up about 11pm with period pain and diarrhoea type cramps and had to go to the toilet a lot! The pain was quite bad but I remember to breath and ran a bath and tried to relax. An hour passed and I was very sick but kept remaining calm and walking up and down the lounge (walking really helped!) I went to use the toilet and the pessary fell out so I called the maternity unit and was told to come in. Had another pessary fitted as my cervix was still far back! And was sent home. At home the pains were getting really bad and at 5:20am with no sleep I told my partner I needed to go to the hospital.

Eleanor's Birth story

I was told I should go home but I was really anxious and in pain so they gave me Pethadine which was bloody amazing and I fell asleep for what felt like 10 hours but it was only 20 minutes!

The midwife ran me a bath and i was so excited as the water really helped but my heart rate kept going to high so I had to have a drip and sit on the birthing ball (the birthing ball was great and took the pressure off). I remember thinking to myself I can’t be in labour because I don’t feel like I’m dying. I begged the midwife to see if I had dilated at all as I was getting really tired so she did and I was 5cm dilated! The midwife couldn’t believe it as I had remained really calm.

I was then transferred to the labour room which was lovely and cool. They offered me gas and air which I was scared to use as everyone told me it made them throw up but I used it and it helped.

There was women in the room next to me who kept screaming in pain and I was absolutely terrified and kept saying to my Partner when am I going to scream but I kept taking deep breaths and listening to my amazing midwifes.

I was 10cm and ready to push I was so scared as everyone had told me about the “ring of fire” it really was not that bad within minutes I was told to do a big push and out came my baby which was a girl!

Eleanor's Birth story

Born at 16:53 I couldn’t believe it and that I had managed to give birth and not die! She weighed 8 pound 5 I had to have a couple of stitches and Ophelia had to be monitored for 48 hours due to me taking medication but she was completely fine.

I’ve found motherhood an absolute dream it was really hard trying to get Ophelia to latch on to breast feed and I kept getting bruises and cracked nipples but now she’s breastfeeding like a champ!

We’re 2 months in and I’m absolutely loving it. Please don’t listen to people’s horror stories! And remember your body is made to do this!
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