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CPD and E-Learning with Ease

My revalidation is coming up and, as we all know, in order to maintain our NMC registration we need to undertake 35 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) relevant to our scope of practice in the three year period since our registration was last renewed, or since joining the register.

As a reminder, here is what the NMC require:

  • the CPD method
  • a description of the topic and how it related to your practice
  • the dates on which the activity was undertaken
  • the number of hours (including the number of participatory hours)
  • the identification of the part of the Code most relevant to the activity
  • evidence that you undertook the CPD activity


We all live very busy lives so convenience is key when it comes to undertaking CPD! Of course, it is also really important to ensure that the CPD is relevant to our scope of work and of interest. To add to my portfolio of learning and CPD hours, over the past year I have been undertaking CPD via Health Professional Academy a very user friendly e-learning resource for health care professionals.

The site is so easy to use and finding modules that I am interested in has never been a problem, there are so many to choose from, I am yet to struggle to find something to take. The modules usually take around 30 minutes to complete so on your day off or even after a shift it’s not too difficult to fit in. The information is presented really clearly, there are usually tables and you scroll through each section so it is easier to take in the information too. I have created a folder on my laptop for revalidation to keep track of times and hours rather than rush towards the date it is due in. Once you have signed up HPA automatically send you the evidence and certificate after you have undertaken a module so I save it straight into that folder and it’s done.

This week I took a module on perinatal mental health   and in that short 30 minute burst I learnt a lot, brushed up on my knowledge and was also really reminded about the importance of maternal mental health. A statistic that shocked me the most was ‘Around 50% of all cases of perinatal anxiety and depression go undetected, despite regular contact with a health professional during the antenatal and postnatal period.’  There is always room for improvement, but this really did make me think about my own practise and has reminded me why it is important to ask women at every opportunity about their mental health during pregnancy. I feel more comfortable and confident to ask women but also to talk to my colleagues about mental health. The statistics are referenced throughout and a full reference list is provided at the end of the module and as this module sparked further interest for me, I ended up doing some extra reading and really made the most of the learning opportunity.

Giving advice and dealing with Covid 19 has become all consuming and it can be difficult to keep up. At present there is a corona virus hub for midwifery and maternity professionals and has been helpful at this time.

Simply head to the website to sign up and start building your CPD today.


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