About Health Visitors

Modern Midwife Health visitor
My name is Emma and I am a health visitor in South Yorkshire.  I have supported hundreds of families to develop their confidence as parents, answer questions and sometimes even be a supportive shoulder to cry on. I thought it would be helpful to explain a bit about health visitors and how you transition from midwifery to health visiting. Health visitors...

The After Birth Should Not Be An After Thought

The-afterbirth-should -not-be-an-afterthought
Not only are you growing a baby but you’ve grown a whole other organ too. During pregnancy we focus on growing a baby but sometimes forget or bypass one of the most complex and important organs known to the human race, the placenta. It’s now thought that the placenta is mainly responsible for the onset of labour but we...

Birthing Balls and Why You Need One

  Here’s what you ball can do for you… Open up your pelvis to the maximum dimension to enable enough room for your baby to move down into your pelvis. Plus, research shows that it also reduces lower back pain in late pregnancy and in labour. When you’re in labour it’s a struggle to get comfy in any position but if...


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