5 Things to Help Prevent Constipation in Pregnancy

1 Stay active, yoga, swimming and walking at least 3x per week as it massages internal organs and helps the passage of food through the colons.   2 Try hot water and lemon...

Tips for Driving During Pregnancy

Most of you will drive at some point in pregnancy so here are a few tips to make sure you’re safe. Your baby is generally well protected by you and the amniotic...
The-afterbirth-should -not-be-an-afterthought

The After Birth Should Not Be An After Thought

Not only are you growing a baby but you’ve grown a whole other organ too. During pregnancy we focus on growing a baby but sometimes forget or bypass one of the...

Birthing Balls and Why You Need One

  Here’s what you ball can do for you… Open up your pelvis to the maximum dimension to enable enough room for your baby to move down into your pelvis. Plus, research shows...

5 things to prevent diabetes in pregnancy

Gestational diabetes (GDM) in pregnancy is seriously on the increase and it is associated with several risks but one that might be surprising is the risk to you babies long term...


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