Modern Midwives Meet Up – Preston

Modern Midwife Meetup Preston
Modern Midwives Meet Up’s have launched nationally! I can’t believe it! Last month I teamed up with Sheena and Anna Byrom, mother and daughter, from for the ‘Modern Midwives Meet Up’ in Preston, Lancashire. I met Sheena last month when I invited her to speak at the first meetup. I had known about her since I was a junior midwife...

Mindfulness For Midwives

Practical tips from creator of The Mindful Birth Group® hypnobirthing course How are you today? The reason I ask, is because every day is different. You are a midwife, you do your job because you love it. But I know that your job takes you through highs and lows like no other profession can. This is why I wanted to gift...

Birth Trauma

About 4% of women experience post-traumatic stress (PTSD) disorder after giving birth – that’s about 30,000 women a year in the UK. We hear a lot of harrowing stories from women about long, intensely painful labours, emergency caesareans, brutal forceps births and postpartum haemorrhages. For some women, labour is a genuinely terrifying experience – perhaps something it’s hard to...

Launch of Modern Midwives Meet Up

On Tuesday 19th of February,  The Modern Midwives Meet Up launched at The Book Club in Shoreditch. The Meet Up hit venue capacity! 85 midwives turned up and there was such a warm, friendly, yet exciting atmosphere from the beginning.   Safety in numbers girls, this really is a sisterhood - Lou Pouget   The highlights Moderated Session ‘Hospital politics and how to cope’ - This topic...

Join us at the Modern Midwives Meet Up

Preview of modern midwives meet up Modern Midwives Meet Ups are all about us on the front line, changing families lives. Our meet ups are a departure from the ordinary clinical conferences on offer. There's a wine upon arrival, entertainment, a photo booth, nibbles, a raffle, speeches from incredible experts and a moderated session for everyone to get involved in....

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