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The Modern Midwife's Guide To Pregnancy Birth & Beyond

"Marie Louise is a dream come true for any parent with her uncanny ability to simplify the most important and complicated questions"

Emma Bunton, co-founder of Kit and Kin

In this series of videos I have shared all the information you need to know about pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks with your baby.

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Whether you are planning for a baby, just found out you are pregnant, or well into your third trimester, this book will help you to feel confident, informed, and inspired about your exciting journey ahead.

Through years of work with families, Senior Midwife Marie Louise reveals the key things that will make the biggest, most positive difference to you and your baby as you navigate these life-changing months.

Packed with the most up-to-date findings and expert insights, you’ll find everything you need to prepare for motherhood and, most importantly, understand and appreciate just how amazing you and your baby both are!

up-to-date findins & expert insights

As well as this, Marie Louise is renowned for bringing complex science to life. You’ll discover fascinating facts that underpin everything you and your baby will go through, including:

How your nervous system is synced with your baby and why baby already knows a lot about you when they are born
The unique process your baby goes through to pass through the birth canal and how you work together in labour
Incredible facts about breast milk, from nutrition to protecting the body from illness and disease.

Jade Rankine,
Senior Midwife

Pregnancy may be one of the most unique and exciting periods of time in your life. As you enter into this new chapter, there are some things that can make navigating through pregnancy much easier. Marie’s brand new series offers so much insight into everything related to pregnancy and birth! From morning sickness right up until birth. There are detailed videos explaining the different stages of pregnancy and how to equip you and your birthing partner with techniques to enable you to handle certain situations without feeling overwhelmed. Whether you're a first time mum or if this is your fifth pregnancy, you will feel prepared and in control of your birthing journey.

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