The Hegenberger

IMPROVED POSTPARTUM SUTURING OF GENITAL TRAUMA The Hegenberger Speculum enables a better overview of tears, better working conditions for clinicians […]

Are pregnancy and birth sexualised in today's society?

Are pregnancy and birth still sexualised in today's society? Today I’m with Melissa who some of you might know from […]

Why Your Voice Matters

Thinking about birth can bring up a whole host of emotions. Looking toward your baby's entry into the world might […]

Heidi's Birth Story

I really hope my birth story can help other belly birth mums to have empowered births following a traumatic or […]

Tessa's Birth Story

Tessa is a from Sydney Australia and this is her birth story with her first baby, Zarah. "I found it […]

Robyn's Birth Story

From as young as I can remember, I always wanted children. All I ever dreamed of was to become a […]
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