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Why Your Voice Matters

2020-02-23T15:36:11+00:00Categories: Birth|

Thinking about birth can bring up a whole host of emotions. Looking toward your baby's entry into the world might incite hope, excitement, anticipation, worry, fear; most likely a combination of [...]

Heidi’s Birth Story

2020-02-25T20:27:28+00:00Categories: Birth Stories|

I really hope my birth story can help other belly birth mums to have empowered births following a traumatic or unexpected birth previously. For that reason I have briefly touched upon [...]

Tongue Tie

2020-06-08T15:37:08+00:00Categories: Newborn, Postnatal|

Tongue tie is not the modern day infant feeding ‘fad’ that some believe.  It is mentioned in ancient texts such as the Bible and an obstetric text book from the 1600’s, [...]

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