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Modern Midwife – ensuring women and their families feel in control of their journey no matter what

For Mothers

The problem for the modern mum is not scarcity of information but all the misinformation that exists from untrusted sources, fake news, social media feeds, and adverts. Most of this information is not at the centre of what women need because journalists, influencers, and companies often have their own agenda. Most of this information serves the source as opposed to the expectant parents.

Modern mums are faced with an overwhelming amount of options, opinions, advice, and complex decisions at such an emotional time. It is really confusing.

I believe that women should not be limited by finances or their personal situation, equality is a must in maternity. Embracing our digital age is a good way to share information, expertise, and opinions. Imagine a world in which no one is limited by their circumstances to better understand modern motherhood.

It would affect the entire human race.

For Midwives

Midwives are on the front line, changing families lives. We have such an important role in society and I truly believe in the coming years we midwives will continue to grow and develop our role.

It has recently been re-recognised that midwifery-led care leads to better outcomes, less intervention, and more positive memories of birth, but, I appreciate this recognition still receives some barriers and my aim is to turn these barriers into open conversations.

We are all one big force and a team of midwives that share the same goal and I know we offer an amazing service in the U.K. but there is always room for improvement and discussion around our models of care. We all have different experiences, stories, and ideas about our practice, but Modern Midwifery is all about thinking outside the box and these are the discussions that can lead to policy changes – we have so much to learn from each other.

If you are a “Modern Midwife” and would like to join our next meet up you can find out more here.

Being a midwife is not a job to me, it is a part of who I am.

I was one of the youngest midwives in the U.K. upon qualification and have worked as a midwife for almost a decade.

Whilst practicing midwifery I continued my studies to become a Senior Midwife and qualified as a PTLLS adult educator. I then traveled to America, across Asia and eventually moved to Australia to practice midwifery internationally.

I've since returned to the UK to continue my work helping expectant mothers to reclaim their birthing journey.

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Creating better sources of information and improving women’s health is my purpose in life.

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Louise - Modern Midwife

Working NHS midwife.
Published Author.
Advisor on BBC Radio Woman’s Hour.
Advisor on ITV This Morning.
Advisor on BBC Radio Cornwall.
Communications partner for charity.
Social media influencer.
Expert Speaker.
Winner of the Devon & Cornwall Venus Awards.
Winner of 30 under 30 Cornwall.
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