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Abigail's Birth Story

Abigails's Birth story

It all started on Thursday 19th July, I had a feeling something was going to happen this day as I had a tenderness in my lower back all day, not contractions just an achey sensation. The real contractions started at 6:30pm, they started mild and were coming about 12 minutes apart, so I finished my dinner and got my 2 year old ready for bed. Once she was asleep me and my partner lay on the bed laughing and chatting hoping this was going to turn into labour.

I had to start concentrating on breathing through the contractions as they were becoming quite strong.

At around 8pm they went from 12 minutes apart to 4!! I waited to see when the next one would come and it was 4 minutes again so I called the midwife and they said to make my way down to the hospital. On the way down I had the window wide open with wind blasting in my face and loud music, which helped me through each contraction.

We arrived at Treliske at 8.50pm and headed over to the delivery assessment ward, the midwife examined me and I was 7-8cm. I was so glad to be so far along but also having had 2 children before I knew I was about to go through transition.

Another midwife came to take me up to the birthing centre which was so exciting, I’d been high risk with my last 2 so was really pleased I was able to use the birthing pool this time around. When the midwife came I insisted on walking up there which I think helped because upon arriving there I leaned over the still running pool and started to push!!

My partner and the midwife helped me climb into the pool, which at this point didn’t even cover my bum, and I kept pushing. I could feel my babies head was already so far down and then when I pushed her head out I felt it turn slightly, which was an incredible feeling looking back.

The midwife said the body would be out on the next push but on that next push I could tell something wasn’t right, without even thinking my body just did what it needed to do and lifted up my left leg slightly and with that I felt the shoulder pop out then she was here, 20 minutes after getting into the pool.

Isabella Iya - Born at 9.39pm - Weighing 8lb7oz
Abigail's Birth storyAbigail's Birth storyAbigail's Birth story
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