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5 Things to Help Prevent Constipation in Pregnancy

Stay active, yoga, swimming and walking at least 3x per week as it massages internal organs and helps the passage of food through the colons.

Try hot water and lemon first thing in the morning to kick start your digestive system. Also regularly sip water throughout the day rather than gulp it down.

You need roughage to assist with digestion. Opt for whole grain products, like spelt, brown rice and oatmeal. Fruits such as prunes contain beneficial fibre. When roughage moves into the colon it helps move stools along by pulling water into the intestines which creates a better environment for movement. Sprinkle your salads, smoothies and breakfast cereals with crushed linseeds, chia and any other seeds you fancy.

If you've been prescribed iron take it with fresh Orange Juice, it helps with absorption and reduces constipation. Many women also swear by prune juice, personally can't hack it but I can't deny the brilliant feedback it gets.

Keep a small footstool in the bathroom. Placing your feet on the stool will provide better leverage and prevent unnecessary straining that can lead to piles. Lastly, try to respond to your body’s cues as soon as possible and avoid holding a poo. Everyone poos so put your bowels before embarrassment and have a poo when you need one.

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